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Therapeutic Techniques


We will work on identifying the areas in your life that are affecting your eudaimonia (authentic happiness). We'll examine what your particulars needs are and the barriers that are impeding your ability to access them. I will assist you in utilizing the tools you'll need to reach your goals. We will also look at how you are relating to your current circumstances and the impact that has had presently. The framework for therapy will be positive solution oriented. My therapeutic services encompass all facets: mind, body and essence of the soul. I use an integrative approach including the following counseling techniques:







Solution focused therapy

Supportive counseling




Through your story I will start to pin point the factors in your life that are bring you to therapy. Together we can work on changing and/or adapting to these factors. My work is suitable for those faced with but not limited to:




Chronic illness



Together we will start to implement awareness in the areas of your life that are affecting your ability to be your best self in aspects such as work, school, family, marriage or relationships.




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