Armadillo Founder






Psychology has always been my passion. I knew I had to pursue this calling and completed my BA in psychology at Binghamton University. Later I went on to complete my master’s degree from Yeshiva University in Mental Health Counseling.  After spending most of my hours towards licensure working with the severely and persistent psychiatrically ill I obtained my New York State license in Mental Health Counseling. I have worked in a variety of settings ( e.g. hospitals, residential, rehab, and outpatient clinics). Armadillo was established to reach out to the Mamaroneck, White Plains, Harrison, and surrounding areas for mental health support.  By providing private professional counseling services Armadillo can help the individuals in the  Westchester community struggling with emotional and/or mental health issues. Armadillo Counseling has been designed to address the unique needs of my clients by integrating the mind, body, and soul of an individual.

My Journey



I grew up in Queens, NY, and was practically raised in my mother's beauty salon. The salon was a place of therapy/coaching in itself. People from all walks of life would come and tell the beauticians about their daily struggles. Naturally, I developed an interest in human behavior. I realized I could be that beautician providing a listening ear except with an evidence-based background and years of education/experience. It became apparent that building myself, as a helping professional would facilitate an avenue to live out my purpose: to facilitate others with their specific needs, life goals, and dreams.