(n.) lit. “human flourishing”, a contended state of being happy and healthy and prosperous. 

Regine Plummer, LMHC


(n.) lit. “human flourishing”; a contented

state of being happy, healthy and prosperous

Welcome to Armadillo Counseling a therapy to help you reach authentic happiness. I provide counseling, psychotherapy, and coaching in the Westchester area. Armadillo counseling was created to reach out to those who are tired, unhappy, worried, grieving, and/or ill. These therapeutic services are customized to the client’s specific needs because each individual’s circumstance is unique to them. Armadillo Counseling helps:


Teens (14-18) 




Let’s work together on what is stopping you from being your best self. Your strengths and inspiring qualities are all within reach. Allow me to empower you to access them. We will work on identifying the areas in your life that are affecting your eudaimonia (authentic happiness). We'll examine what your particular needs are and the barriers that are impeding you from achieving your goals. My therapeutic services encompass all facets: mind, body and essence of the soul. Armadillo counseling can focus on the following issues, but is not limited to:






Chronic Illness


The fact that you found this website and are still reading means you have taken the first steps towards making the changes you are ultimately looking for. If you're new to the counseling and/or coaching experience perhaps you're wondering

What should I expect?

Therapy facilitates understanding, exploration, and healing, which at times can be both difficult and challenging. In some cases you will gravitate towards examining the aspects of your life you might find painful to look at and perhaps not ready to explore or make necessary changes.  Counseling with me will feel as if you have an outlet to be present with yourself; a way to silence the background noise. Many individuals find comfort in knowing they have a safe space in which to express their thoughts and be heard without judgment. Please call me today and start your first consultation free of charge.




Armadillo Counseling
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